Steelflex Treadmills, Exercise Bikes and Weight Training Equipment, Olympic weights and treadmill UK supplier
  Steelflex® Treadmills
UK Sales: 0871 200 2477 
XT-2700 Treadmill
XT-3200 Treadmill
XT-3300 Treadmill
XT-3600 Treadmill
XT-4600 Treadmill
XT-2700 Heavy Duty TreadmillXT-3200 Heavy Duty TreadmillXT-3300 Heavy Duty TreadmillXT-3600 Heavy Duty TreadmillXT-4600 Heavy Duty Treadmill
XT-5600 Treadmill
XT-5700 Treadmill
XT-6600 Treadmill
XT-6800 Treadmill
XT-7600 Treadmill
XT-5600 Heavy Duty TreadmillXT-5700 Heavy Duty TreadmillXT-6600 Light Commercial TreadmillXT-6800 Light Commercial TreadmillXT-7600 Full Commercial Treadmill
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